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Relationship/Marital Coaching

Relationship/Marital Coaching is for folks who are in a committed relationship and want to move it from dissatisfying or just O.K. to "good" to a "great" relationship.

What makes a good-to-great couple?

Partners have a commitment to learn and grow together
~ Accountability is on both sides of the couple

  • Partners can receive complaints, take responsibility and mutually regulate their interactions

Trust is a cornerstone to the relationship
~ There is a mechanism for correction and repair

  • A sharing language is present in the relationship and is between two free standing people

Intimacy is mindful and partners remember love

What can we expect to do in
Relationship/Couples Coaching

The relationship between a coach and client is co-creative, meaning that they are equals and both have an active role. The coach will not be your therapist, counselor or consultant. Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their relationships.

Successful coaching requires the couple to bring with them to the session personal responsibility and a dedication to learning about their relationship. Through the coaching process a couple can learn the interpersonal habits identified by the people who are destined to succeed in their relationships. Some of them have to do with how you react when you feel misunderstood or mistreated by your partner, and others are related to how much you think and act in ways that are likely to promote fondness and admiration between you and your partner. Patterns of behavior that you learned in your family growing up and the relationship styles of your family members play an important role in how we interact in our marriages. Good relationship work also involves repair and connection through telling the truth, passion, communication and sharing.

Terry Real’s, “Relational Recovery Therapy”; John and Julie Gottman’s, “ Marital Therapy: A Research Based Approach”; and Brent Atkinson’s, “Developing Habits for Relationship Success” are models used by Mercy Dennis in Relationship/Marital Coaching.

What is the difference between
Relationship/Marital Coaching and Couples’ Therapy?

Relationship/Marital Coaching

  • Goal directed, results driven

  • Creating possibilities --”How”

  • Future focused

  • Coach as Collaborator, Co-Creator

  • Relational, Developmental, Educational Model

  • Mental health issues referred out to therapist

  • Forwards the work through action, talents, strengths,  behaviors, newly learned skills

Couples’ Therapy

  • Relieve pain, insight oriented

  • Fixing problems --”Why”

  • Past and future focused

  • Therapist as expert / client as patient

  • Medical / Clinical Model

  • Focus is on mental health issues

  • Forwards the work through the application of psychotherapeutic and counseling techniques

  • Sessions in person, usually weekly

  • Need to drive to office

  • 50 minute hour

  • Insurance taken: Diagnoses given to justify treatment.

  • Paid for at the time of the session

There is no charge for an initial thirty minute sample session. We will meet to discuss what our goals and expectations are for your Relationship/Marital Coaching sessions and to create a coaching plan together that best meets your wants. At that time we will contract for a coaching plan.

Coaching sessions are contracted for a group of six sessions at a time. The duration of each session will be approximately sixty minutes. The six sessions will be scheduled at our first meeting. Between sessions, if there are questions, brief updates, successes to share or ideas to check out you may contact Mercy by e-mail, phone or fax.

The International Coach Federation Code of Ethics are endorsed.





Family, Couple, Premartial, Individual Counseling - Anchorage AK - Mercy Dennis, LMFT Family, Couple, Premartial, Individual Counseling - Anchorage AK - Mercy Dennis, LMFT

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